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Close-grip Barbell Bench Press

Close-grip barbell bench press

This is an effective exercise to increase the size and density of the triceps and develop strength. It also involves upper chest and front delts.


Lie down on a horizontal bench so that the bar is at the level of your upper chest.

Your back and buttocks should be in close contact with the bench, and feet placed on the floor firmly.

Take the bar so that there is a 10 to 40 cm space between your palms (depending on wrists flexability).

Remove the bar from the racks.

As you inhale, slowly lower the bar until it touches your chest.

Do not pause for long at the bottom point, push the bar up as you exhale.

Typical mistakes and tips

Do not try to push the bar with your chest at the bottom point as it is extremely dangerous for your joints.

Do not hold your breathe during the exercise.

If you feel pain in your wrists, extend your arms slightly.

Increase weight gradually while performing the exercise at a full range.

Excessive weight won't allow you to work the target muscle group completely. And there is a risk of being trapped under the weight if there is no partner or instructor nearby.

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: arms, shoulders, chest