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Bench Press (horizontal)

Bench Press (horizontal)

A basic exercise to develop chest muscles. It works the chest and shoulder muscles, building an athletic figure.


Lay back on a bench.

Place your feet on the floor firmly.

Remove the bar from the racks.

Inhale as you smoothly lower the bar to the level of your neck or upper chest (as far as your flexibility allows you), while trying to lower your arms a little bit further than 90-degrees  between the forearms and the upper arms.

As you exhale push the weight back to the starting position.

Typical mistakes and tips

Do not stretch your chest muscles too much lowering the bar.

Do not use weight that’s too heavy. It restricts the full range of movement and ability to stretch the working muscle fully.

Do not lift the bar by bouncing the weight off your chest at a lower point. It has a negative imapact on your shoulder and elbow joints.

Try to change the grip width. A narrow grip loads the middle of the chest muscles mainly while a wide grip focuses on the outer part.

Lowering the bar to a lower point of the chest, you work the lower chest. Lowering it to the middle one – the middle part, lowering it to the chest clavicular heads, you work the upper chest muscle.

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: chest, shoulders, arms