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Incline Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

This is a variation of the basic exercise to develop chest muscles.

This exercises affects the upper chest muscles primarily and the front deltoids as well as the triceps.


Lean back on an incline bench with the grip at a level with your upper chest.

Your spine and glutes should be flat against the bench. Your feet should be placed firmly on the floor.

Grasp the bar with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

As you inhale, lower the bar down until it slightly touches the chest while avoiding bouncing the weight off.

Do not pause for long at the lower point, press the weight back up to the top position, exhaling on the way up.

Do not pause at the upper point for longer than 2-3 seconds, repeat the exercise.

Typical mistakes and tips

Do not put the bench at more than 60 degrees. This leads to high tension placed on the deltoids.

Do not lift the bar by bouncing the weight off your chest at the lower point. It has a negative impact on your shoulder and elbow joints.

Do not hold your breathe during the exercise. It allows you to lift heavier weights, but increases blood pressure.

Keep your wrists perpendicular to the bar.

Try to increase weight gradually performing the exercise at a full range. Excessive weight won't allow you to work the target muscle group completely and will put you at risk of being trapped under the weight if there is no partner or instructor nearby.

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: chest, shoulders, arms