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Leg Press

Leg Press

A basic exercise for the legs. It increases strength and mass.

Suitable for people who have problems with knee joints or back and can't squat.


Lay down on the machine and pull your back and buttocks to the back support.

Place your legs on the platform  shoulder width apart.

Lower the safety bars and lower the platform all the way down as you inhale.

Do not pause at the bottom, slowly press the platform all the way up avoiding extending your legs fully as you exhale.

Typical mistakes and tips

Watch your back, always lean it firmly into the back support.

This exercise is recommended to those who have back pain or injuries.

It can be performed with different feet positions: feet on the lower part of the platform shifts the emphasis to the quadriceps, on the upper part  – on the buttocks and hamstrings.

Wide foot position - emphasis on the adductors, narrow position -  abductors.

Do not perform a partial leg press (½ or ¼ of the full range), it injures the knees.

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: legs