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Runner Machine

Runner Machine

The runner machine is one of the most popular and common cardio machines. Depending on your goals, the duration of your training session on the runner machine can vary.


While running is a very natural movement for humans and it shouldn’t be that difficult, running on the runner machine is not that easy.

When running on the runner machine, you should remember that the main emphasis should be on the front part of your foot, not on your heel or toes.

Thus, the load on joints is reduced and the risk of injury to your knees and/or spine is less.

Typical mistakes and tips

Never run and strike your heels! This way, the load shifts to the lumbar spine and knees. Over time it leads to inflammation which causes degenerative changes in the joints.

You shouldn't run only with your toes either. As it increases the load on the Achilles tendon and may cause injury.

Choose comfortable shoes. Good running shoes have high quality absorbers in the heel area. However, many professional coaches and sports doctors sau it won't save your joints from possible risks linked to running on the runner machine (as well as running on the pavement).

Keep in mind that a runner machine is not a natural kind of running. In our daily life the ground doesn't spin under you, instead it is you who push the ground. The runner machine changes the motion pattern which negatively affects the exercise’s biomechanics. It is a little bit easier to run on the runner machine than on the real ground.

The best way to estimate the necessary load is your heart rate (cardiac rate). To burn fat you should workout at a rate of 65-75% of maximum. You can calculate your maximum cardiac rate with the following formula: 220 minus your age.

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