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The rowing machine is aimed at effectively working the leg muscles, back and arms as well as developing overall stamina.

Unlike the elliptical trainer, it has more potential risks and is therefore more suitable for healthy people.

The duration and intensity of your rowing sessions is determined by your goals and objectives.


Sit down on the machine. Bend your legs, keep your spine straight. Grab the handle.

As you breathe out, extend your legs while pulling the handle towards your body.

Always keep your back straight. Do not arch it.

When your legs are almost fully extended, slightly lean your torso back.

When your legs are again almost straight, and the handle almost touches the chest, extend your arms and bend your legs to return to the starting position as you inhale.

Typical mistakes and tips

Do not arch your back when performing this exercise! Otherwise you are at risk of injury!

Do not try to drag the handle towards yourself and forcefully push off from the platform. Your muscles won't have time to work and you are at risk of hurting your ligaments (or back).  

The best way to estimate the necessary load is your heart rate (cardiac rate). To burn fat you should workout at a rate of 65-75% of maximum. You can calculate your maximum cardiac rate with the following formula: 220 minus your age.

Exercise type: cardio
Muscle groups: