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Cable Rear Delt Fly

Cable Rear Delt Fly

An isolation exercise that works the rear delts. It also works the trapezoids fully.


Stand in the center of a crossover.

Grab the left pulley with your right hand and the right pulley with your left hand, crossing them in front of you.

Straighten your back and step back.

Inhale. As you exhale, move your arms to the side keeping your elbows slightly bent.

Keep your elbows facing backwards, do not arch your back.

Return to the starting position as you inhale.

Typical mistakes and tips

During the exercise, do not wobble or try to pull the handles back.

Do not move your arms far back as it shifts the load to the back.

Do not bend your elbows, it works the triceps which take some part of the load.

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: shoulders, back