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Backbend (bridge)

Backbend (bridge)

This exercise strengthens the extensor muscles and improves the flexibility and mobility of the back. It also develops large gluteal muscles and thigh biceps.


Lie on your back.

Bend your knees and place your feet at 15-20 cm distance away from your buttocks.

Make sure your feet are at the shoulder width. Place your hands over your head with your palms on the floor and your fingers pointed to the feet.

Bent elbows are pointed up.

As you exhale, pushing your feet and arms, lift your hips up as high as possible.

Your back is arched.

Try to straighten your arms and legs.

The position of head should allow you to see the wall behind you.

Pause for a second and, as you inhale, slowly go back to the starting position.

Your back and head are the floor before you do the next rep.

Typical mistakes and tips

Control your downward movement. It is more beneficial if you do not fall fast on the back.

This exercise is not recommended for people with back diseases or injuries.

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: abs, shoulders, arms, legs, back