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Jefferson Squats

Jefferson Squats

The exercise works your legs with emphasis on the adductors, in order to develop coordination and flexibility.


Stand straight with your feet placed significantly wider than shoulder width apart.

A barbell is placed between your legs perpendicular to your body.

Keeping your back and lower back straight, slowly lower down and grasp the bar as you inhale.

Grasp the front of the bar with one hand and the rear of the bar with the other one. Keep it as close to your body as possible so that it won't slip out.

Slowly rise up, straightening your legs as you exhale.

Do not pause at the top, go on to the next rep immediately.

Typical mistakes and tips

Jefferson squats are for advanced bodybuilders. Beginners should start with classic squats.

Also those who have back issues should avoid this exercise.

While bending your knees, keep them pointed in the same direction as your toes.

While rising up, knees should remain parallel.

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: legs