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Front Squats

Front Squats

This exercise shapes the glutes, strengthens the lower back and the abs, and develops balance. Unlike classical squats, this variation is safer for the back and knee joints.


Come up to the bar and slightly squat under it.

Grasp the bar with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Your elbows should be pointed forward, palms facing up.

The bar should rest on the front delts.

Your legs should be  shoulder width apart with the toes slightly pointed out (30-45-degrees). Squeeze your abs.

As you inhale, slowly squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Always keep your head and back straight not to lose balance.

At the bottom push your heels, extend your legs and return to the starting position.

Typical mistakes and tips

Do not extend your knees completely. It reduces the load from the quadriceps and loads the joints.

Do not hold your breath and do not pause at the bottom.

If you feel discomfort in your wrists, try to cross your arms. When you place your shoulders under the bar, cross the arms and put them on the top of the bar.

Beginners can do front squats using the Smith machine.

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: legs, abs, back