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Dumbbell Lunges

Dumbbell lunges

The exercise shapes the muscle definition of the glutes and thighs.


Stand up straight with your feet parallel to each other and slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

Keep your hands with the dumbbells at the sides of the body.

Your back should straight, and you should only look  in front of you.

As you inhale, take a wide step forward shifting the weight to the front leg and squat.

The knee should be at 90 degrees.

The shin of the other leg should be parallel to the floor, the knee should not touch the ground.

As you exhale, slowly return to the starting position pushing with the front leg.

Repeat the lunge with the other leg.

Typical mistakes and tips

You can perform this exercise in static or moving forward.

The narrower your step, the more emphasis on the quadriceps, the wider - on the glutes of the front leg.

The rear leg just supports your balance. Do not push it to return to the starting position.

Make sure that your knee is at 90 degrees.

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: legs