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Mountain Climber

Mountain climber

An exercise for the entire body that develops legs, arms and abs.


Start in a pushup position, with your hands straight and legs supported by the toes.

Keep the torso straight and hips  in one line with the body.

As you exhale, bend one leg at the knee to your chest.

Without pausing, return to the starting position.

Repeat the movement with the other leg.

Typical mistakes and tips

This exercise strengthens the entire body. It can be used as a warm up exercise before the main workout.

To increase the difficulty, you can place your hands on the step platform, a chair or a fitness ball.

You can also put on a leg expander, elastic tape or a rope. It will make the exercise more difficult and also shift the emphasis to other muscles (the glutes, the thighs biceps, etc.).

Exercise type: weight
Muscle groups: abs, legs, arms