Real Secret of Amazing Workout Results

workout journal

Workout Log gives an opportunity to track the progress, weight change, moments of overtraining and plateaus.

Whatever your goal is: to keep your body fit and healthy, lose weight or build muscle mass, everything you do in the gym should be recorded and that’s why.

Objective Record

Even if you sure, that you have a perfect memory, you probably made mistakes in sets, reps and choice of weight.

Such estimation can’t always be objective, unlike notes, made during your workout. Look at professional bodybuilders in the gym, they make lots of notes – they run workout logs for years.

Your Personal Plan to Success

If you have great results, a workout journal will show you what program has led you to success. If you don’t, you’ll be able to find out what is less efficient for you and to change your workout routine on time.

Learning Tool

Taking notes is a great learning tool itself for many people. Writing down and analysing the workout, you structure all information about it in your brain.

Great Motivator

A workout log can also be a strong motivator. You can look at yourself a month or a year ago and see, that your hardest set back then is your first easy work set now.

Every set and rep is invaluable data about your training process, that can also improve your confidence in training and help to reach outstanding results.Tweet it

How To Log

You can take a simple college notebook with firm cover and rings, but keep in mind that to make log book really useful, you should note maximum information during each workout. You should note warm-up, sets, reps, weight, workout duration. If you’re into cardio, recording heart rate and total time of an activity and rest, calories.

Of course, this process requires self-organization, and you can lose such log book easily. It’s not very convenient to watch your progress, as you don’t have any graphical statistics.

Fitmeup tracker saves your time and allows to concentrate on the process of training. Fitness app records and keeps all the information about your workouts, makes a detailed analysis as a professional trainer and presents your progress in graphical diagrams.

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